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CLOSED for the SEASON! See you MARCH 2024!

Elf Arrival Display


Welcome to the ELF ARRIVAL booking form!

There's a chill in the air, pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere, and CHRISTMAS approaches.... you know what that means!!!


Do you have a special holiday friend (or friends) returning soon? 4U Yard Greetings will help you welcome them in a BIG way!

  1.  Book the Elf Arrival Display

  2.  4U will deliver and set up the display between 5AM and 7AM.

  3.  NEW THIS YEAR... Once the display is set-up we will hang a PERSONALIZED   note on the back side of the display with an adorable (brand new) generic   plush elf or animal for your child to keep as a memento!

  4.  You will receive a text when the display is ready - just pop outside and show   your elf friends where you'd like them to sit!

  5.  Spotlights included so everyone can see your display even during the early   evening! 

  6.  After the BIG reveal, please safely return your elf friends to your home   before the next morning.

  7.  4U will pick up the display prior to 6:30 AM the next day!

All of this at the bargain rate of only $45!!! 

This Holiday Special will run from thru December 20th.

Elf Mail

Personalized Letter

Elf Arrival

Please let us know which Elf Arrival message you prefer: (subject to availability)

What is the name of your child's/children's elf? ALSO, what is your child's/children's names: (For the personalized letter, if you do not wish to include the note, simply say so.)

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